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Big push for Clean CA Local Grant application

Jan 18, 2023

CalTrans grant could fund skatepark construction and other park improvements

Much of our energy and time in these months has been focused on preparations for the CalTrans Clean California Local Grant Program application, in hopes of receiving around $500,000-$1,000,000 in state funds to cover the cost of skatepark construction and other adjacent park elements and improvements. We are working in collaboration with the AV Community Services District and community volunteers to get proposed projects "Shovel Ready" in time for the grant application deadline. The Project Application Deadline is April 28, 2023, and grant awards are announced in August 2023. If we are awarded the grant, all construction will be completed by June 2025 (!!).  


"The California Dept. of Transportation (Caltrans) developed the Clean California Local Grant Program through which funds will go to local communities to beautify and improve local streets and roads, tribal lands, parks, pathways, and transit centers. Through the combination of adding beautification measures and art in public spaces along with the removal of litter and debris, this effort will enhance communities and improve spaces for walking and recreation." -excerpt from Local Grant Program Caltrans.


We are fortunate to have Jamie Umble sign on as our Grant Manager and her expertise has been extremely valuable! Noor and Jamie have been navigating this process, in collaboration with CSD Recreation Committee members and community volunteers, as development of the skatepark and adjacent park elements is taking place in the broader context of revitalizing the AV Community Park, which the Rec Committee oversees.

We are working with Frontier Skateparks to have the custom skatepark design completed by the end of March (see here for more details), which will give us a more precise project of costs. We are also working with local civil engineers to complete various surveys that will inform skatepark contruction plans and drainage system design. And we are moving forward with the property transfer transaction with AVUSD, so that the CSD will own the site prior to the grant deadline.

We are crossing all of our fingers and toes that this wonderful opportunity pans out successfully, and the AV community gets the wonderful opportunity of having a skatepark completed by June 2025!

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