Skatepark Project

Our community is very small with not many places for youth nearby. Our goal with this project is to support the local skaters in our community, provide new opportunities, and encourage a fun way to exercise among youth.

Lots of students were excited at the idea of a skatepark and it’s been recommended for years by multiple students. In 2021, we finally got to start this project. We could tell a large handful of students would love this enticing new opportunity to exercise, socialize, and practice what they’re passionate about in an environment made for just that.

We started exploring our options by looking at grants and talking to our local Recreation Committee which is part of the Community Services District (CSD). We have since been attending their monthly meetings and working closely with them on purchasing land. Next to the Health Center there is a small park which the Rec. Committee manages. It's on school land that is being leased to the CSD and there is a large open field right by the park. We are planning to build the skatepark outside the leased area. We're currently in close contact with the school board and superintendent about purchasing both sections of land from the school district. 

Student Interview Video

Skaters in AV Jr./Sr. High School were interviewed about why they believed a skatepark would benefit the community, where they currently skated, and the types of activities they do in town.

Check out this video about the Laytonville skatepark!

A Voice From the Community

A video community member Brennon Moore made for us in support of the skatepark project.