About the Skatepark Project

Why a skatepark in AV? 

There are very few public spaces in our community for young people to spend time together, and few opportunities for non-competitive, healthy recreation. The void of such public spaces and opportunities encourages youth to congregate in less visible areas (e.g. under bridges, in empty houses or cars) and engage in risky, unhealthy activity. A skatepark will inspire AV youth to be more active and fosters healthy community connection. Skateboarding, roller skating, biking and scooting are great outlets, physically and mentally, for young people, and can be a vital source for promoting mental and physical well being.

Who will the skatepark serve?

The AV skatepark will welcome skateboarders, roller skaters, bikers and scooters of all ages. Skateparks are a rare space where community members of all ages -- from toddlers to retirees -- share recreation together, making for meaningful and vibrant community connection.  

How much will it cost?

The projected cost is around $250,000, but this figure is likely to change based on custom modification of the skatepark design and community donations of supplies and labor.

Who is involved with the skatepark project?

The project was initiated by students in the AV Jr/Sr High Service Learning Team (SLT), a student group that works to improve the community. The CSD Parks and Recreation Committee is partnering with SLT to support the project, and is acting as the fiscal sponsor.  A community skatepark planning group is also being formed to help guide the project, and open community meetings will be held regularly to solicit input during the planning process.

Will a skatepark attract unwanted behavior?

Skateparks actually do the opposite by inspiring people of all ages to engage in healthy activity and connection. There are myriad opportunities in Boonville for people to engage in unhealthy behavior in locations where they can be unseen. The proposed location for this skatepark is in an open, highly visible area, making it an unattractive site for illegal activity.


What about liability?

California regulation grants immunity to public institutions housing skateparks as long as a local ordinance is passed to establish safety regulations for the skatepark and safety regulation signs are posted publicly.

Student Interview Video

Skaters in AV Jr./Sr. High School were interviewed about why they believed a skatepark would benefit the community, where they currently skated, and the types of activities they do in town.

Check out this video about Laytonville's new skatepark!

A Voice From the Community

A video community member Brennon Moore made for us in support of the skatepark project.