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Engineering surveys underway

Jan 27, 2023

Engineering studies in process to inform skatepark design

We are setting our sights on initiating the community-centered custom design phase of the skatepark project as soon as possible, but first various studies must be completed to inform design possiblities.

  • Topographical survey: Assessment of elevation changes in the skatepark site. This will help to answer drainage questions, and inform potential for integrating design with the natural landscape (but if you've ever been to our site, you know it's flat as a pancake!).

  • Geotechnical survey: Assessment of the character of soil beneath the skatepark site. This will inform how construction of the skatepark and drainage system must be engineered.

  • Stormwater drainage survey: Assessment of where excess water from the skatepark will drain. It's perhaps the most critical piece of the puzzle, since it will inform how far we can dig into the soil, whether we have to build up all or part of the skatepark, and what kind of drainage system needs to be designed for the skatepark.

Civil engineer Tyler Pearson, of Cornerstone Civil Design in Ukiah, will be conducting the stormwater drainage survey, and Tyler will work with local civil engineer and licensed surveyor Ron Franz (who is also completing the boundary survey for our property transfer) to complete the topographical survey. A father of 3 young active kids and skatepark supporter himself, Tyler has decided to donate a generous portion of his hourly wage toward the AV Skatepark Project. ❤️

For now, Frontier Skateparks will rely upon geotechnical data from a recent study conducted at the AV Health Center, which is adjacent to the site.

A HUGE THANK YOU to Boonville structural enginner (and AV dad) Sash Williams, who has volunteered many hours to help coordinate these technical studies. We have been able to get what we need much faster and more easily than would have been the case without his expertise and assistance. 🙏

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