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AVUSD School Board Votes UNANIMOUSLY to Transfer Property for Skatepark Development


On November 8th, the AVUSD school board voted unanimously in favor of transferring ownership of the AV Community Park area to the AV Community Services District (CSD) -- for the explicit purpose of developing a skatepark on the property!


The Board's commitment to transfer the property is a huge step forward for the AV Skatepark Project! Skatepark development would not have been feasible on school district land, so sealing this transfer was critical for the project's viability.


Read more details about the November 8th School Board Meeting here.


Skaters in AV Jr./Sr. High School were interviewed about why they believed a skatepark would benefit the community, where they currently skated, and the types of activities they do in town.

"Most of us don't really have a spot to skate at. And like I said, we skate over on the road out there by the highway, and there's always incoming cars, coming in and out through town."

-N. C.

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