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Property transfer complete!

May 18, 2023

Grant deed for site transferred to AVCSD, clearing way for skatepark development

It’s official! On May 18, 2023, the grant deed for the 2.5 acre Anderson Valley Community Park (including skatepark site extension) was transferred from AV Unified School District to AV Community Services District, for the price of one dollar. This is a tremendous step for the AV Skatepark Project! Without this transfer, skatepark development would not be possible at the proposed site. (You can more details about the transfer and the efforts leading up to it here.)

The AVUSD school board generously agreed to this transaction for the explicit purpose of skatepark development, recognizing the vital necessity to provide recreation opportunities for AV youth.  It is amazing that we have a school board that sees the big picture for our community -- beyond what happens during the school day.  This is not the case in every district, and it says a lot about this special place where we live. 

AVUSD Superintendent Louise Simson reflected upon the transfer with the follow words:

“I have had a lot of good days in my life. Today was one of the best.  I went to the title company and signed the deed to transfer the ownership of the community park to CSD for the whopping sum of $1.  Integral to this is the development of the student-driven skatepark under the direction of Noor Dawood, as the leader of the Service Learning Team.

Not too often in your life do you come across a bunch of adults working hard to make something happen for a community of kids. I would like to recognize the AVUSD Board, the CSD Board, Noor and the many volunteers who combined talents to make the impossible a reality.

I am hopeful now that the park is out of the DSA mandates and prohibitive  construction requirements,  the area will become a true community jewel for gathering, fun, and recreation. To all those who raised a voice and said this is important to me and my community--thank you.  To the AVUSD AND CSD  Boards who looked forward to all that could be for kids with an open heart, thank you.

Looking forward to what the future can bring…”

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