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Presentation to AVUSD School Board

Oct 10, 2022

Proposal to transfer park property from AVUSD to AVCSD.

(Background: The current big mission for the AV Skatepark Project is to convince the AVUSD School Board to transfer (sell for $1) the AV Community park area near the clinic, including the future skatepark site (just north of the high school solar panels). This is essential for the project to be possible because if the school district continues to own the land, the cost of any development is many times greater -- plus the school district is not interested in having a skatepark on their property.)

At the October 11th AVUSD school board meeting, Noor Dawood (on behalf of the Service Learning Team) and Donna Pierson-Pugh (on behalf of the Community Services District) collaboratively gave a presentation to make a case for the transfer of property ownership. (You can view a copy of that presentation HERE.). This was an informational presentation, in preparation for the a broader hearing to take place on this topic during the November 8th AVUSD school board meeting, at which time the board will vote on whether to transfer the property (or not!).

School board members still appear undecided on whether to approve the transfer. If you are interested in supporting the AV Skatepark Project, please show up to the November 8th school board meeting (5:30 at the AV High School Library) to show the board that our community wants and needs a skatepark!

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