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Land Transfer Proposal

May 10, 2022

Service Learning Team and CSD Proposal to AV School Board

At 5:15 we presented to the Anderson Valley school board about the skatepark project and requested to have the land in and around the health center park to be transferred to the Community Services District (CSD). ​ Transferring the land to the CSD before building a skatepark is important because it relieves the school district of liability concerns and means that we no longer have to go through the Division of State Architect (DSA) to build on the land. Whenever you want to build on school land you have to go through the DSA which makes the process longer and much more expensive. ​ Ultimately, the school board voted to discuss further so we could decide the exact boundaries of the land being transferred. ​ An article about our presentation at the board meeting and the outcome was published in our local newspaper, the Anderson Valley Advertiser, on May 25th.

"SKATE PARK GETS SCHOOL BOARD SUPPORT. Last Tuesday, AV school board members heard a presentation by Service Learning Team students Kellie Crisman, Aster Arbanovella, Ananda Mayne and Onawa Keller regarding their proposal for a skatepark in Boonville. There was a surprisingly large crowd there in support of the skatepark (about 15-20 community members and 10 students), and a few people spoke in favor during public comment. CSD Recreation Committee member Donna Pierson-Pugh introduced the student group, explaining that the project fits within the CSD’s broader mission to create a vibrant recreation space for the community. Several community members also spoke in favor of a skatepark during public comment, each highlighting the critical necessity for safe public spaces for AV youth to recreate. School board members expressed enthusiastic support for the project, and they asked Superintendent Louise Simson to move ahead in exploring details for potential transfer of the park area to the CSD to make the project possible. Stay tuned!" (The Anderson Valley Advertiser)

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