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CSD Recreation Committee votes to support AV Skatepark Project

Apr 13, 2022

Service Learning Team students give compelling presentation

Service Learning Team students Kellie Crisman (10th grade), Ananda Mayne (8th grade), and Aster Arbanovella (8th grade) gave a presentation to the CSD Recreation Committee to explain the rationale and feasibility of developing a skatepark in Boonville. These students also collaborated to create the presentation themselves, so much hard work and preparation preceded the event!

Following the end of the presentation, Rec Committee members enthusiastically voted to devote recreation funds (a to-be-determined sum, based on the remaining balance of an existing grant) to support the Skatepark Project! And they also agreed to serve as the fiscal sponsor for the project.

This is a big leap forward for our fledgling mission. :)

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