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Community movement builds

Oct 24, 2022

First Community Skatepark Meeting is well-attended and productive

On Monday, October 24th, the first Community Skatepark Meeting was held at the AV Volunteer Fire Dept Community Meeting Room. 17 members of the public attended the meeting, as well as eight students on the AV Service Learning Team (SLT) and two members of the Community Services District (CSD). SLT students got to share all the hard work they’ve put into the skatepark project, including updates on the status of the project and next steps as it moves forward. After the students finished presenting, community members voiced their own thoughts and opinions. These meetings are essential because they give the community insight into the project’s status and what needs to be done. It is also an opportunity for community members to hear from students involved in the project; meeting attendees expressed uplifting feelings of inspiration after hearing about students’ hard work. 

Following the general community meeting, a smaller workgroup meeting took place, comprised of individuals (community members and students) who have stepped forward to take a more active role in the project. It was exciting to feel new energy and enthusiasm behind the project, and the session was highly productive! The workgroup will continue to meet regularly, every two weeks.

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