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Grant-funded student screen-printing workshop launches

Dec 12, 2022

AV Arts Counsel and AV Education Foundation support skatepark screen-printing project

With generous support from the AV Arts Counsel and the AV Education Foundation, 2018 AVHS grad and professional artist Cozette Ellis has been contracted to teach a weekly screen printing workshop for students on the AV Service Learning Team. The project provides a wonderful opportunity for students to learn a new form of artistic expression, and also empowers them to create their own custom AV Skatepark Project merchandise. In addition to printing and selling merchandise with the AV Skatepark logo, the Service Learning Team will also be initiating a new fundraising venture by offering screen-printing services to the community at large (more to come on that element!).

Thank you to members of the AV Arts Counsel and Education Foundation boards for choosing to support this invaluable project, and to the donors who contribute to these foundations.

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