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Asm. Jim Wood secures $250,000 for AV Skatepark Project (!!)

Aug 15, 2023

Funds must be used toward capital costs

Assemblymember Jim Wood submitted a special budget request for $250,000 to be directed toward the Anderson Valley Skatepark capital costs -- and the request has been granted!

In March 2023, AV Service Learning Team students traveled to Sacramento where they met with legislative representatives Assemblymember Wood and Senator McGuire. Students explained the importance of their mission to develop a skatepark for Anderson Valley youth.

In addition to both members writing a letter of support for the project (directed to CalTrans, in reference to the Clean CA grant), Assemblymember Wood took his support to another level by also submitting a special budget request for the project, which was voted upon and approved by the joint budget committee in July.

We've just received confirmation that the funds will be indeed be coming through and will be disbursed to the AV Commuity Services District by the end of this calendar year. Funds must be used towards AV skatepark planning and construction, and there is no deadline by which they must be expended.

How will these funds be used?

A portion of the $250,000 will go towards foundational planning and development, and the remainder will be used toward skatepark construction.

What will you do if you are also awarded the $1.3 million CalTrans Clea CA grant?

If we're awarded the CalTrans grant (announced "by September 2023"), we will still use the $250,000 toward the cost of skatepark planning and construction, as required. We will submit a budget modification request for the CalTrans grant to shift a portion of the grant toward other park improvements.

Will you still need to fundraise if you receive both the $250,000 and the CalTrans Clean CA Grant?

YES! Ongoing skatepark operating costs will be significant, and we are not permitted to use the grant for this purpose. These costs include trash collection, bathroom cleaning, annual sealing, landscape maintenance, and general repairs and maintenance.

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